Corona guidelines for bikers

We have made a set of corona guidelines together with the local authorities, and we ask all our guest to respect and follow these. 


  1. Do not visit Trysil Bike Arena if you are in quarantine or isolation!
  2. Please follow the guidelines given by the authorities. We encourage everyone to use FHI’s infection control app.  
  3. We encourage you to only ride with people you know.
  4. Bikes and equipment should not be shared with others without a thorough cleaning between users, especially handlebars. The exception is switching between close family members or people in the same household.
  5. Keep distance from each other. Preferably 2 meters when standing still, and 10 meters when biking.
  6. No gathering of people. Keep away from other groups at rest areas and at bike stops. 
  7. Pay attention to faster riders coming up behind you when biking, and stop by intersections or bike stops for overtaking. Faster riders must show consideration and keep a good distance when overtaking.
  8. No «high fives» or touches, but feel free to shout encouragements to each other 
  9. Avoid taking risks and chances. Ride within you ability level to avoid the need of medical help. If you need emergency help, they should be notified before arrival on tel. 116 117.
  10. Gloves and knee protection are recommended, helmet is still mandatory!