In 2024, the lift Fjellekspressen will be open every day (10 am to 4 pm) from June 20th through August 18th.

The summer open lift, Fjellekspressen, opens June 20th 2024. 

With the lift Fjellekspressen, you can easily and comfortably take yourself up to wonderful flow trails in the mountains.

It gives you access to all lift-based flow trails, as well as Fjellrunden that goes around Trysilfjellet. You can also try the Fjellrunden, a 13 km long gravel road around Trysilfjellet that is suitable whether you want to cycle, walk or jog.

The summer lift will open on June 20th 2024 until the autumn holidays.



Opening hours 2024

Date Days Times
20. June   16-20
21.June - 18. Aug. Daily 10-16
19. Aug. - 22. Sept Sat/Sun 10-16
28. Sept - 6. Oct (w. 40) Daily 10-16
11.- 13. Oct (w. 41) Sat-Sun 10-16




In need of assistance? 

Emergency help: 113

Local doctors office: 116117 

Trail Patrol: +47 992 80 084