Magic Moose

Magic Moose is a 7 km long flowtrail and got the grade blue. The trail is easy accessible with the chair lift Fjellekspressen.

Magic Moose's location is right in the middle of the ski area, and it is one of the longest flow trails in Europe. The most easy access is with the chairlift. 

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Information about Magic Moose
Length: 7 kilometers
Height difference: 385 meters
Grading: Blue 

Since the trail is graded blue it means that the trail is not suitable for the beginners in mountain biking. For the beginners we will recommend the trails in Gullia before you try out Magic Moose. When you master the "Sweet Dreams" in Gullia you can check out Magic Moose. 

Magic Moose is filled with good flow, small jumps, dosed turns, long wooden brigdes, rocky parts and a lot of fun. The trail is open 24/7 and goes thru Knettsetra, where you also can enjoy some lunch. The chair lift is open every day from June 17th to August 15th. See more information about the chairlift here.

Going mountain biking in Magic Moose, FlowStar or Twister? Here's some tips:

  • Lover your seat before riding down and stand on your pedals to get a better balance downhill. 
  • Stand on your pedals with equal weight on both legs
  • Lift your gaze and adjust your speed well before turning 
  • The wooden bridges can be slippery. Adapt the speed to the conditions and own skills
  • The trail has several exit pockets. Feel free to let out fast bikers.