The area around Trysilfjellet offers a diverse trail system with different degrees of facilitation. Above the treeline are some wonderful mountain trails, with partly technical and challenging terrain. Around the mountain goes Fjellrunden, a landscaped pathway suitable for the whole family. Red and black trails offers challenges for those seeking more adrenaline. There are several forest trails below the mountain, with varied surfaces and technical challenges.


A new flow trail starting at the top of the lift Fjellekspressen is one of the new additions this summer. The trail runs down to the restaurant Knettsetra. 


Outside the Radisson Blu Resort Trysil is a large skills course with built training elements and a pump track. There are also facilities for washing your bike.


This area offers technical and sometimes physically demanding paths in pine forests. There are also quick flow trails with elements of roots and rocks.


The area is widely used by walkers. Show respect.


Ås offers mainly technical and physically demanding trails in spruce forests with some tree roots. Many of the trails are fast and have good flow, especially those that go from the top and down to the valley.


Ideal area for long and varied trips for advanced riders, and widely used by the local bikers. From the top of Fuglberget and Bjønnåsen you get a lovely view towards Trysilfjellet.

Trysilelva east

In the valley east of the Trysil river are some nice flow trails. Here the terrain is relatively flat and the trails easily accessible.


This area is very nice for those who want to advance from Gullia and explore the natural trails.