The ultimate guide to mountain biking in Trysil(2)


If you think you and your family would enjoy mountain biking we can strongly recommend visiting Trysil Bike Arena. Trysil have more than 50 kilometers of trails specifically built for mountainbiking.  This massive trail network will take you through the forest and up the mountains, on super nice trails graded like the ski resort – from green to black. Check out our ultimate guide to the bike trails in Trysil. 

Since 2014 has Trysil focused on building a year-round destination. We want the same guests who visit us in the winter to find just as much joy in Trysil in the summer. One thing we have learned from the winter is that if the children enjoy their vacation, the parents do as well. To accommodate this we have a developed a completely unique offer in Scandinavia with adapted and purposed built biking trails and bike park features, for our customers to enjoy.

The trails in Gullia are expected to open for the season from around mid-May, depending on snow conditions and trail maintenance.

The place to start

As a biker in Trysil is the first thing you meet: bike parks. These are perfect to start with before heading out on the trails.

Tip 1: In Trysil you can use almost all kinds of bikes or you can rent a bike tailored for our trails.

GT Bike Park

In ther GT Bike Park there´s a large pump track, four jumping lines graded from green to black, two green bike paths for the little ones (Sneaky Snake and Lucky Ducky), benches to relax on while the children still play around on their bikes, and barbecue facilities.

Nearby you will find GT Pro Park with Norway´s larges pump track (opens summer 2021), jump lines, drop and Twins Peaks, a dual slalom course where two bikers can challenge each other. Who is the fastest rider?


Next to the pump track in GT Bike Park are the entrance to Gullia – the largest biking area in Trysil, where you find a big network of biking trails. This area is in the forest and has no lift-based trails. Beginners can learn how to ride on the easy green trails, and the enthusiasts will find challenges that allow them to play here for hours. The trails in Gullia are graded from green to double black (pro line). You will find over 30 kilometers of pure biking fun.

From the GT Bike Park you can to start on green, blue or red trails, to get deeper into the trail network of Gullia. The newest addition is a blue trail called Papa Bear, which is located right by the pump track. A blue playful trail for bikers with rolling features, jumps and tons of fun. This trail will take you past the green trails at the entrance which means that children and beginners get the green bike trails for themselves.

Tip 2: Do you want to learn something new or get even better at mountain biking? We recommend you to hire a biking instructor from Trysilguidene.

Here are some selected bike trails in Gullia you should not miss

Graded green (easy trail with no or very simple technical obstacles):

Green Fox: A natural starting point in Gullia. The trail is about 1,1 kilometers of fun for both young and old, and a nice place to practice the technique before you move on to the blue trails.

Happy Rabbit: The name speaks for itself. A section with 49 whoops which makes you bounce like a happy rabbit! This is an easy beginner trail, but will also give advanced bikers some challenges for example by doubling the whoops.

Graded blue (intermediate, trial with minor technical obstacles):

Papa Bear: Trysil´s new “main road” to blue and even more technical trails in Gullia. Playful and fun with rollers, whoops and jumps.

Sweet Dreams: The definition of a flow trail – playful and fun for both experienced and for those who want to move on from green trails. The trail is 1 kilometer downhill with super nice berms and turns. A mini version of the Magic Moose, and a perfect trail to warm up before you heading over to Magic Moose.

Rock´n´roll: A slightly hidden gem, but you can find it in the middle of Gullia. It starts with a part that is very similar to a natural bike trails and the challenges you may face there. Then it ends with delicious turns and berms.

Sherwood Forest: This long wooden bridge on the Rookie trail invites to spectacular photos. Although the forest and that the light in the area are absolutely magical, we recommend that you concentrate on staying on the trail.

Woodpecker: Woodpecker takes you to the southern end of Gullia. This blue, advanced bike path offers wonderful bumps, jumps, long wooden sections and great flow.

Red(demanding for advanced with good technical skills):

French Moustache: Wall rides, gap jumps, narrow bumps and high speeds, spiced with technical parts. This trail puts your skills to the test. It´s named after the “Instagram friendly” jump that´s shaped like a mustache.

French Moustache

Redneck: This is simply a really cool bike trail for the experts. It´s narrow with jumps and challenges all the way. The trail is 700 meters long and is located towards the south of Gullia, which has now become a large play area for experienced trail bikers.  

Miss Piggy: Take Woodpecker to this spectacular bike trail in the far south of Gullia. Ride the pigtail, an impressive signature wooden feature shaped like a spiral up in the trees. The trail will also challenge you on steep sections, classic jumps and drops, and our larges wallride. You should check out this trail if you have some good technical skills.

Black (Very demanding for experts with very good technical skills).

Huckleberry: One of the most technical built bike trails in Trysil. If you do not dare to go on over the first drop then you should not try to ride the rest! This trail is a no “chicken lines” and are for experts only. It´s 660 meters long and offers large jumps, drops, steep sections and large berms.

Lift assisted trails

Magic Moose:
When you take the bike up the chairlift, you will find the super popular flow trail called Magic Moose. This is a 7-kilometers long bike trail that goes from the top of the chairlift Fjellekspressen and down to the bottom station of the lift. The trail is graded blue. Our recommendation is to start in Gullia, and if you master the path Sweet Dream, you are ready for Magic Moose and its 120 turns and berms.

After the mountin farm of Knettsetra you can ride a red trail parallel trail to Magic Moose, called Rolling Stones. It´s 500 meter long with jumps and some sweet technical sections.


Fjellrunden is a high mountain gem for those who want to enjoy the view and an easy touring experience. This is where you really get the mountain feeling, and it can be shared with everyone!

Fjellrunden is a gravel biking and hiking trail that goes around the entire mountain and it´s 13 kilometers long. It got two good starting points, Skihytta and Trysil Høyfjellssenter. Over the high mountain plateau you will find the start of Fjellflyten, a mini version of Magic Moose which is 1,7 kilometers. The trail takes you down to Høyfjellssenteret where you also can enjoy some lunch, and the playful trail and jumps of Fageråsen Bike Park.

Tip 3: Rent an electric bike and speed up to Fjellrunden. Enjoy the beautiful scenery in an easy and relaxing mode, and then you roll down Fjellflyten, back on Fjellrunden, down Magic Moose and back to where you rented the bike.

Natural bike trails

We are best known for our purposed built trails. But if you want more challenges and to get further away from people, then we can tempt you with 100 kilometers of natural trails, suitable for biking on both sides of the valley.

On the eastern side you will find areas that the locals prefer: Grimsåsen, Bjønnåsen and Ås. It´s a few altitude meters to climb from the downtown of Trysil, but it will be worth the effort. You will find a selection of trails in different lengths and levels of difficulty, with lots of natural flow and technical enduro style trails.

In our region you will also find more remote and hidden places to ride your bike. Bittermarka is a 30 minutes car drive north of downtown Trysil, with wonderful and long trails you can ride.

How to find the trails

Maps and information about mountain biking and the trail network can be found on all key locations around Trysil. Ask at the reception or look for our official brochure stands.

You can also get a digital trail guide if you download the app MTB United on your phone. If you prefer to quickly get started or find those hidden gems, just book a guided tour with Trysilguidene. Season opening is in the middle of May.

Follow our social channels for day to day information and inspiration!

We´ll see you around!



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    The ultimate guide to mountain biking in Trysil

    If you think you and your family would enjoy mountain biking we can strongly recommend visiting Trysil Bike Arena. Trysil have more than 50 kilometers of trails specifically built for mountainbiking.  This massive trail network will take you throu...