Dine out with the children


To enjoy delicious food is important during the ski holiday. If you ask children what good food is, many of the answers just might begin with the letter P. P as in pizza, pasta and pancakes.

Some restaurants take extra good care of families dining out. Special children’s menu, ice cream as dessert, and some places even have a play room. Pick a suitable place, and the whole family will love dining out.

Pizza and American inspired cuisine

Pizza is a hit! Some types are the children’s favourites, some fit the parents the best. On the menu you find both the Italian pizza with a thin crust and the airy American. You have several pizza restaurants to choose from. Radisson Blu, Peppes Pizza, Sindrestua, Puben Sankt Olav and the Ski Bistro.

Barn som spiser på SkipaviljongenBurger with fries is also a good choice. And if the children can play a game while eating their burger, then life is just perfect. Loftet Bar at Trysil Turistsenter have both games and American inspired food on the menu. Downstairs from Loftet Bar, with great view of the floodlit slopes, you find the Big Horn SteakHouse. They have a special menu for children, and children up to the age of 12 get the dessert for free. Ice cream! 

Play room and funny prices

A play room/play corner for the children is often very popular for the whole family. If this is something you and your family prefer, then pick one of these places: Pilegrimen SteakHouse, Radisson Blu, Park Inn Trysil Mountain Resort, or Peppes Pizza.

By the way, Pilegrimen SteakHouse has another dish on their children’s menu beginning with the letter P. Pilegrimens plank roast for children . The family's youngest can choose whether they want salmon or beef. The price is the child's age x NOK 10.

And fun ways to do the pricing you also find at the place Laaven. Friday and Saturday night barbecue buffet is served. From 20.00 hours you can eat from the delightful buffet. Children up to 16 years pay NOK 10 per year.

Enjoy good food on your holiday!

Text: Runa Eggen
Photo: Ola Matsson

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