10 tips for the family holiday in Trysil


Many people like to spend their holidays in Norway. We have gathered our best tips for a successful adventure holiday in Trysil - a place where the whole family can have fun!

1. Trail biking of course!

Not everyone has discovered the great fun with trail biking. This summer can be your very first time! We promise, everyone will master the bike trails in Trysil. Another thing we are almost sure about, is that children will forget both iPad and video games as soon as they find the flow on the trails. See our ultimate guide to trail biking in Trysil.


The youngest children will love the Lucky Ducky trail or the pump tracks in GT Bike Park and GT Pro Park.

Older children may find their favorites in Gullia, an area of more than 30 kilometers of purposed-built trails, which is graded from easy to advanced. In GT Pro Park, you will find the second paved pump track, which is Norway's largest of its kind.

If you dont want to bring your own bikes to Trysil, you can easily rent bikes on site. There are several shops that have a wide selection of rental bikes.

2. Family rafting


The company SkiStar Guides offers several river activities. Family rafting is a  very popular activity. Children as young as 6 years old can join a wet rafting adventure.
For both youths and adults, rafting in wilder rapids is an option. If you are a real adrenaline junkie, maybe canyoning is something for you?

3. Family-friendly summit hikes

Skagsvola_Nysæter 660.jpg
We have picked out ten family-friendly and exciting summit hikes in Trysil and the surrounding area for you. Dont forget chocolate or another sweets – it is mandatory for children on all of Trysil's summit hikes!

Both Skagsvola, Trysil's answer to Beseggen, and Trysilfjellet 1132 are very popular summit hikes. 

4. The climbing park Høyt & Lavt

Climbing parks have become a real holiday favorite! In Trysil you will find Høyt & Lavt Trysil close to the bike trails in Gullia. The climbing park has seven climbing trails that are suitable for those who are from 80cm to over 140 cm.

5. Golf, mini golf and frisbee golf

Trysil has one of Norway's finest forest golf courses
The area also consists of great training facilities with chip holes, putting green, practice bunkers and a driving range with 33 mats, where 10 of them are placed under roof.

The restaurant at Trysil Golf is a nice place for golfers, bikers, climbers, yes everyone, to relax and have a break.
After your break, before embarking on more activities, the mini golf course can be recommended!


You can also try frisbee golf in Trysil. Fageråsen Frisbee golf course is located in Fageråsen, between Høyfjellssenteret and the restaurant Fjellroa. The course has 12 holes and it opens in June. During this summer, this will be an 18-hole course.
It is free to play if you have your own equipment, otherwise you can rent this at Fageråsen Handel.

6. Nice spots for swimming and sunbathing

In Trysil there are many nice places to go for a swim. In the river Trysilelva, lakes and smaller mountain lakes. Several places have well-facilitated playgrounds, piers and barbecue facilities. The beach in Nord-Osen is perhaps the most popular bathing spot, with its almost one kilometer long sandbeach.

7. Canoeing down the Trysilelva river

Rent a canoe and follow the calm flow down the river. Maybe you get to experience the wildlife Trysil has to offer, or maybe you want to try your fishing luck. The goal for the trip can be Tjønna, a nice spot an hour's paddle trip from the canoe rental at Trysil Hyttegrend, with both barbecue facilities and a beach.

Or how about renting a paddleboard? 
At Trysil Outlet in the city center, you can rent both SUP and life jackets.

8. Pole hunting

Pole hunting is a popular activity in many places in the country - now also in Trysil. You search for poles and collect points. Download the app “Stolpejakten”, find a map over Trysil and you are ready to hunt.
On the poles you will find a QR code to be scanned in the app. This is how you get points.

9. Go fishing!

In Trysil you will find great fishing opportunities for the whole family. The rivers Trysilelva and Ljøra are well known for grayling. There are also several small rivers and lakes with trout. Several waters invite to exciting fishing for pike and perch. Check out our 10 recommended, family-friendly fishing lakes!

10. For animal lovers

If you love animals, there are several activities to choose from. Horseback riding with Trysil Hestesenter is popular and suits everyone, whether you have ridden a lot or nothing at all. If it's not too hot outside, you can drive a dog cart, or visit the dogs at Mountain King Sled Dog Kennel.

At Fjell-Huskies you can participate in guided tours with either husky or lama. Experience the forest in a whole new way on a moose safari or visit the goats in Bittermarka.

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