One of Trysil’s main areas within sustainability is diversity. Here you can read more about what this means, what is being done today and what goals we have for the coming years.


Trysil wants everyone to feel good and to feel welcome. The destination facilitates experiences for all ages, disabilities and levels. It is also important for Trysil that people with different cultures, ethnicities, worldviews, genders and orientations feel cared for and included in society.

Creating unity and good relations between different people is part of the culture in Trysil.
Diversity is seen as a great strength, it helps to create more openness and togetherness among guests, cabin owners, companies and “tryslinger”.

In Trysil, it is important that everyone should be able to participate in experiencess and that there should be activities to attend for everyone. Being present in all phases of life and embracing the whole family is something Trysil cares about.
Trysil wants to contribute and help so that more people try new activities and become more active. The people of Trysil, “tryslingene”, see people and their needs and make it easy for everyone to participate in activities and social settings.

What is being done today?

  • The ski resort and the bike trails are adapted for all ages and skills and for wheelchair users.
  • Other activities, such as ski school, horseback riding and river activities, and hotels, apartments and some cabins are adapted for people with disabilities.
  • The work culture is enriched with many different nationalities. This creates added value for the destination.
  • Trysil takes initiatives to campaigns to get more people to be active on skis and bikes, e.g. the campaign «Born without skis on the feet».
  • Trysil tries to encourage more people to be active, for example motivating to the hiking program «Top 10 Trysil». Everyone who registers hikes digitally during the summer, participates in the draw for nice prizes.
  • Trysil facilitates camps for the disabled, e.g. Funkis Snowboard Club and MTB Adapt Trysil.
  • Trysiliaden - Trysil municipality organizes for fun winter games for disabled, with 350 participants from municipalities from all over Eastern Norway.
  • Businesses in Trysil provide internships.
  • An annual international party for all ages and ethnicities: old and new inhabitants of Trysil gather at Chai Time. The goal is to highlight and celebrate the great diversity in the municipality, get to know each other better and have fun together.
  • Staff and visitors to Trysil are informed in both Norwegian and English.

Goals towards 2030:

  • Tourism is the driving force to workplace growth and population development in the municipality. The specific goals for year-round employment and population are described in the Trysil community plan and the Trysil municipality business plan.
  • Creating local involvement and commitment.
  • More approved training companies. Companies that have the skills and possibilities are encouraged to take in apprentices and interns from schools and universities.
  • Establish more internships for young people in education.
  • Have job quality that upholds ethical principles.
  • Facilitate increased integration and decent work for immigrants and people with disabilities.


The focus on diversity has a great social and economic value for Trysil. By being inclusive, the destination will attract more visitors, which in turn increases income, reputation and activity level.

Trysil is well adapted for different cultures. Before the pandemic, the destination had 80 percent international guests during the winter. This is unique for a mountain destination in Norway and Sweden. Scandinavian Mountains Airport, located 40 minutes from Trysil on the Swedish side, makes Trysil even more accessible to Northern Europe.

One of the most important human needs is belonging. It feels good to feel included and safe when you are traveling to a new place and new activities.

Companies that invest in diversity pay off on many levels. Diversity also leads to increased productivity, innovation, better decision-making processes, increased employee satisfaction and lower turn-over.

Companies investing in diversity are rewarded on many levels; the annual income statement, in employee surveys and in the battle for the best new employees.

By being inclusive, Trysil creates room for more innovation and gains access to more talents in work life.