Health and activity

Norway's largest ski and trail bike resort has chosen "health and activity" as its sustainable heart theme.

Trysil offers many different activities in the nature with a positve impact on people, both physically and mentally. "Health and activity" has root in Trysil's year-round core business. This also have a historical meaning in the fact that forestry and outdoor life are the foundation of Trysil’s existence. To be active in the clean and fresh Trysil nature, always on the move, appeals both nationally and internationally.

The level of physical activity is high in Trysil. Getting a feeling of mastery and feeling close to nature gives an increased quality of life for young and old. This is what the heart issue is about, to increase the quality of life.

When people are healthy and feel well, they also have energy to take care of the nature and the environment around them. In Trysil taking care of nature's health is just as important as the public health. Pure nature lies in the soul of the people of Trysil, "tryslinger", it is their playground and relaxation area. There is a strong desire that our nature should be preserved so that many generations to come can enjoy the fantastic landscape.

What is being done today?

  • Activities in nature are adapted to fit everyone, from beginner to expert and also for wheelchair users.
  • Trysil is a family-friendly area. It is easy for families to get to the activities with children and equipment, without driving. The active lifestyle is also highlighted as an advantage for cabin buyers in Trysil.
  • The people living in Trysil, "tryslinger”, start with activities at an early age. At the primary school, Innbygda skole, they have a ski jump in the schoolyard. Many of the kindergartens have bicycle trails in their outdoor areas. SkiStar offers free season passes for children and young people living in Trysil. The sports pupils at the high school have focus on alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and biathlon.
  • Also companies in Trysil have the heart issue "health and activities" close at heart in terms of creating and making attractive jobs. They courage their employees to use the activities in Trysil and many also have corporate sports and colleague exercise. Everything is in place to have a high level of activity for both visitors to Trysil and the people of Trysil, "tryslinger". 
  • Mental health is important to us in Trysil. The health effect of being out in fresh nature and that we take care of each other means a lot to us. There is a unique unity among companies, cabin owners and "tryslinger". Visitors to Trysil feel this, and it makes them feel seen and taken care of. We put a lot of effort into giving visitors excellent service and hospitality. If you visit Trysil, you get an authentic, energetic, safe and flexible experience, an experience you long to return to.
  • Trysil as active destination has of course huge focus on safety and emergency preparedness. In winter an experienced ski patrol makes everyone feel safe, and in summer the bike patrol has the same function. The destination is updated on new safety methods and works closely with the local health service.

Goals towards 2030:

  • Have job quality that upholds ethical principles
  • Development of Trysil as a Scandinavian trail bike destination
  • Further development of products and service facilities for training groups in alpine, cross-country skiing and biathlon and facilitate mountain bike training groups
  • Develop authentic forest and nature-based experiences througout the municipality
  • Develop authentic hiking trails for families
  • Develop authentic dining experiences with elements of local and sustainable ingredients
  • Facilitate walking, skiing and cycling paths that connect the mountain and the city center


Nature experiences are becoming more and more important, and the number of travelers looking for the combination of a relaxing holiday and a trip in beautiful surroundings is increasing. Trysil has a high level of expertise when it comes to health and activity.

With the world's oldest ski club, experienced guides, training experts, traditional local food, health workers and role models who live and breathe for physical activity, Trysil is well equipped for this heart theme.