Waste and recycling

One of Trysil’s main areas within sustainability is waste and recycling. Here you can read more about what this means, what is being done today and what goals we have for the coming years.


Waste management and recycling are essential to reduce emissions and to be considered a responsible and sustainable destination. It is an area that is very visible in the daily operation and can have a lot to say for the overall experience of the destination, especially in a destination like Trysil, with a high volume of guests.

According to the sustainability report for 2021, waste management and source separation systems are one of Trysil's main challenges. Nevertheless, a good collaboration between the municipality, the waste management company SØIR and the operators of the cabin areas in Trysil has led to several good initiatives.

A start of source sorting in the cabin areas is planned in the summer of 2022 to bring in good routines before the winter season.

What is being done today?

  • More people and businesses in Trysil recycle.

  • Recycling station and second-hand places

  • The people of Trysil, “tryslingene”, have become better in food waste sorting.

  • Wrong sorting has been reduced by 9 percent from 2016.

  • The waste company SØIR together with Trysil municipality, Trysilfjell Utmarkslag and Fageråsen Fritid is working on a project to introduce source sorting in the centers and in the large cabin areas around Trysilfjellet. The solution is based on molock systems.

  • The two accommodations The Lodge and the Trysiltunet apartments have installed molock with the possibility of source sorting.

  • Trysil municipality has introduced source sorting and molock stations in and around the town hall.

  • Garbage bins all around Trysilfjellet and in the city center have sorting of four fractions and are reported to work well.

Goals towards 2030:

  • Reduce the proportion of food waste at restaurants and maintain source sorting in companies.

  • Digitize information and reduce / remove printed materials.

  • Source sorting in the cabin areas.

  • Realize relevant goals in Trysil municipality's energy and climate plan, completed in 2021.


Awareness of waste and recycling has increased in the last 10 years, and people want to contribute by sorting waste and reusing clothes and equipment.

"Grønt Punkt Norge" has asked Norwegians what happens to the source sorting when they travel away at Easter, and the answer is discouraging. As many as 61 per cent of those who plan to travel away say they are a little or much worse at source sorting when they are not at home (2021). It is therefore important that Trysil facilitates recycle stations.

Trysil must make locals and visitors aware of the importance of source sorting and make them more responsible consumers. Responsible consumers spend and throw less.
This reduces the total environmental impact from production, transport, use and waste management. This is especially important for a volume destination like Trysil.