Always in motion

For over 10 years, Trysil has been working on sustainable development, and this is something we should never stop focusing on. Trysil’s sustainable heart issue is "health and activity". Movement in and with the nature is what we live for. 

Trysil is always on the move through activities all year round. People of all ages can participate in a variety of activities, with alpine skiing and mountainbiking as key activities.

To be active in Trysil's clean and fresh nature increases the quality of life and makes visitors feel happiness, togetherness, mastery, recreation and well-being.  It is good for your health to be active and on the move, and that is part of Trysil's core business. 

Just like nature, being in motion and on the move is natural for us “tryslinger”. For children and adults, young and old. Through the unique commitment and the togetherness we feel in Trysil, we also want to move others. 

In Trysil, we have taken the lead and created a movement in the tourism industry by being the first in Norway and Europe to receive the certificate for Sustainable Destinations.

This has resulted in several good efforts to preserve the nature, the environment and the people of Trysil. Step by step we are moving towards a better future.

Because, Always in motion is about the existence of Trysil also in the future. Forever.