Infection control

Here you will find information about what measures you can expect to be taken in Trysil.

Latest update 02. February 2022

  • The government is removing many corona measures. The changes apply from 23.00 on Tuesday 1 February. More information here (in norwegian)
  • End of test obligation and entry quarantine: No more travelers must be in entry quarantine or take a covid-19 test after arrival in Norway. More information here (in norwegian)

Latest update 07. January 2022

Trysil Municipality will open a popup test station by Radisson Blu Resort Trysil, Saturday 8/1. 

Where: Radisson Blu Resort Trysil, Hotellvegen 1, Turistsenteret. 

Saturday 8/1 from 12-18


  • Drop in, waiting must be expected
  • Bring identification and use a face mask
  • Costs NOK 500 per person
  • Pay by card
  • Proof is issued

Information about registration prior to arrival, testing and the test station in Trysil at Trysil Municipality

Latest update: 15. Dec 2021

National recommendations and rules

The Norwegian Government is introducing new national infection control measures to prevent the health and care service from becoming overwhelmed and to protect critical societal functions.

This is some of the measures: 

  • A requirement to wear a face covering when it is not possible to keep a distance of at least 1 metre in indoor envirements. It is also recommended outside.
  • A ban on serving alcohol indoors or outdoors
  • A requirement that the restaurants ensures that all guests can keep a distance of 1 metre from other people than those within their household or corresponding close relations.

See all recommendations and rules that apply nationally from 15 December 2021 here.

Travel to Norway 

The Norwegian border is open and so are the ski destination in Trysil. Here are updated entry rules from December 3.

  • If you travel to Norway from another country, everyone above the age of 16 must register their registration at
  • Everyone must undergo a test, including children.
  • This applies to both fully vaccinated, unvaccinated and those who have suffered from covid-19 in the last 6 months.
  • Test must be taken upon entering Norway
    - if there are no test center on the border, or if it is closed, a test must be taken within 24 hours of your arrival. 
  • You can use a so-called rapid antigen-based test or PCR test through the public health service.
  • Local covid-19 regulations may apply at the destination

See "5 tips for the journey" at

Test station in Trysil

There is an external test station in Trysil. This test station is in front of Nybergsund community center, a 10 min drive from Trysil town centre. Initially, the test station will be open at 10-17 every day (also Saturday and Sunday). More information about the test station (in norwegian) here. 

>> More information about "Travel to Norway" at