Status Covid-19

National and local recommendations, rules and measures can change quickly. Here we will keep you updated on the latest news and changes.

Latest update: 02.02.2022

The government is removing many corona measures. The changes apply from 23.00 on Tuesday 1 February. More information here (in norwegian)

Latest update: 11.01.2022

At the Norwegian Institute of Public Health you will find information about advice and rules that apply when entering Norway.

Latest update: 7th of January 2022

  • Trysil Municipality will open a popup test station by Radisson Blu Resort Trysil 8/1 from 12-18. More information here. 

Latest update: 29th of December 2021

Latest update: 14th of December 2021

The Norwegian Government is introducing new national infection control measures to prevent the health and care service from becoming overwhelmed and to protect critical societal functions.

There will be stricter rules on events for adults and night life, for the culture sector and for organised leisure activities. There will be a ban on serving alcohol at public venues throughout the country. The regulatory measures will enter into effect on Wednesday 15 December at 12 am. The measures will remain in effect for four weeks, but it is possible that they may be extended or may need to be tightened further.

Get more information about the national measures at

Travel to Norway


Latest update: 13th of December 2021

  • All travellers arriving in Norway must complete registration prior to arrival. Here is information about entry registration, travel quarantine, testing, and the COVID-19 certificate when arriving in Norway:
  • Registration of arrival to Norway:
  • National measures to keep the pandemic under control: 


Latest update: 09th of December 2021

New national measures to keep the pandemic under control. 

Latest update: 3th of December 2021

The Norwegian Government is introducing new national measures to delay the spread of the Omicron variant, and introducing stricter test requirements at the border in order to delay and limit the spread of the new Omicron virus variant.


Latest update: 4th of October 2021

Find information and advice about the coronavirus situation from Norwegian authorities here

Lates update: 5th of July 2021

Here you will find important information regarding if tourists are allowed to enter Norway now.

Latest update: 21. May 2021

Here you will find important corona information from Trysil Municipality

Latest update: 16. April 2021

Here you will find important corona information from Trysil Municipality

Latest update: 12. April 2021

Here you will find important corona information from Trysil Municipality 

Latest update: 24. March 2021

Local authorities has made a local regulation that applies from Friday 26 March at 12 to Sunday April 11th. See the regulations here.

Latest update: 3. March 2021

Here you will find information about entry quarantine upon arrival in Norway from red and yellow countries/regions

Latest update: 29. January 2021

The Government is imposing far stricter rules on foreign nationals who seek entry to Norway from January 29. In general, only foreign nationals who reside in Norway will be permitted to enter. Certain exceptions apply.

Latest update: 18. January 2021

The government is introducing mandatory testing at the border for persons who have been to an area that necessitates quarantine upon arrival in Norway. This will apply from Monday 18 January at 17:00. For Trysil, this means at the test station at the customs station in Østby. The only permitted border crossing is national road 25 at Støa, it is only open during the test station's opening hours, from 8-21. More information at  

Latest update: 5. January 2021

Covid-19 test station in Østby

After the government introduced a mandatory corona test upon entry into Norway at January 2nd, the Trysil municipality has established a Covid-19 test station at the customs in Østby. Opening hours is daily from 8-21.
The only open border crossing into Trysil is at Støa, national road 25. The border is open daily between 8-21, and otherwise closed.

Latest update: 4. January 2021

Radisson Blu Resort Trysil is closed until January 11th

Unfortunately 5 guests, 3 staff members from an external company and 3 of the hotel staff members have tested positive for Covid-19. As a preventive safety measure, and based on the infection situation, the hotel has been notified by the municipal chief doctor in Trysil to close from January 5th to 11th.

Latest update: 2. January 2021

Mandatory testing for all travellers to Norway

The government has imposed mandatory testing for COVID-19 for all travellers to Norway from January 2nd 2021.

Latest update: 29. December 2020

New quarantine rules

The Norwegian Government is introducing new quarantine rules to contribute to more people being tested and to improve compliance with the quarantine rules. Travellers arriving in Norway from abroad may, at the earliest, end quarantine on day seven if they test negative for Covid-19 twice after arrival. The first test must be taken within three days of arrival, and the second, at the earliest, seven days after arrival.

More about the new rules at

Latest update: 21. December 2020

Norway is banning all direct flights from the United Kingdom

This measure will initially apply for a period of 48 hours, but it may be extended.
In addition to the ban on flights, a series of measures will be introduced and will be applicable to travellers arriving from the United Kingdom until 10 January. The main rule requiring a quarantine period of 10 days will continue to apply. Additionally, a series of restrictions applicable to travellers arriving from the United Kingdom will be tightened.

A PCR test must be taken as soon as possible by all travellers who entered Norway from the United Kingdom within the past 2 weeks, and travellers must notify the municipality in which they will be staying. See all the restrictions and more information at

Latest update: 18. December 2020

Trysil municipality follows the national regulations. Here you will find information about the entry quarantine.

More information from Trysil minicipality here. 

The crisis management in Trysil Municipality now recommends the use of face masks in given situations in Trysil. If the recommendation is not followed, an order may be issued.

The crisis management recommends that we all use face masks when we cannot keep a distance of 1 meter with certainty. This applies when we:

  • are in stores or in other public places.
  • move around in restaurants etc. 
  • are passengers in bus and taxi.
  • standing in line, or in other situations outdoors where it is difficult to keep a distance of 1 meter.
  • when we visit residents of the nursing home and users of home services and we are unable to keep 1 meter distance (2 meter distance for those coming from areas with high infection).

Latest update: 05. November 2020

The Government has introduced new, stricter measures regarding infection control measures. Trysil municipality follows the national advices and regulations. More information about infection control advice for travel and entry quarantine here.


Latest update: 14. October 2020

We are preparing for winter

Trysil is preparing for the winter season, and the ski resort will open as soon as we can offer a good alpine product. On our pages about Covid-19, you can read more about what measures are being taken to make your stay in Trysil nice and safe.

Infection control advice for travel and entry quarantine

At the Norwegian Institute of Public Healths pages you will find infection control advice for travel and entry quarantine. Here you can also see the areas with quarantine duty that apply for travellers arriving in Norway from 10 October 2020. 

Please note that local measures may be introduced at short notice.