Fly to Scandinavian Mountains Airport or Oslo Airport Gardermoen and take the bus or a rental car.

Scandinavian Mountains Airport

From December 22, 2019 you can take flights to Scandinavian Mountains Airport - only 40 min. from Trysil. The airport is located on the Swedish side, midway between Trysil and Sälen.

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Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Fly to Oslo Airport Gardermoen, drive a car or take the bus to Trysil. It is only 160 kilometers from Gardermoen to Trysil.

From Oslo Airport Gardermoen there are good bus connections to Trysil. The Trysilekspressen has several departures daily, and the bus journey takes just under three hours.

Click here for Trysilekspressens timetables.

Click here for an overview of the airlines flying to and from Oslo Airport Gardermoen.