Information about the corona situation


Right now national efforts are being made to minimize the spread of the corona virus. The Chief Medical in Trysil has introduced preventive measures and restrictions.

Information @ 16.03.20 15:45

The local Chief Medical has decided today that the ski resorts in Trysilfjellet and Fulufjellet is to be closed for the rest of the season. For all of us who are fond of snow, skiing and mountains, this is a sad message, but in the crisis we all face we fully respect that this is a necessary course of action. 

Furthermore, it has been decided that everyone who has been abroad (including shopping trips to Sweden), in Oslo or Viken shall be quarantined for 14 days at their home residence (with the exception of those who work and live on different sides of the border). Valid from 17.03.20 and does not have retroactive effect. Only people with valid reasons are allowed to visit Norway, others are rejected at the border.

Other new measures are that physiotherapists, manual therapists, chiropractors, opticians, podiatrists, speech therapists, psychologists, alternative medicine, dental care and other businesses that offer services involving physical personal contact should perform only what is absolutely necessary or that can be resolved over the telephone or video consultations.

Information @ 14.03.20 18:35

Following orders from the local Chief Medical the cross-country trails will no longer be groomed. This is because the measures implemented in Trysil until now have not had sufficient effect. There are still too many people in Trysil! These actions are being made to prevent further infection, and to not put further pressure on local health services, which in this context is dimensioned for the local population. Follow the advice and go home if you are currently at your cabin!

Bars and pubs are also closed and all restaurants, with the exception of take-away, will be closed from 15.03.20.

Information @ 13.03.20 10:15

As of Monday 16.03.20 at. 12.00, all commercial accommodations (hotels, cottages, apartments) will be closed. Guests that are currently staying in Trysil and are able to return to their home are encouraged to do so. Guests who are unable to return home, for example due to air travel, can stay until returning back home is possible.

For cabin owners who are already in their own cabins, we will return with information on what applies.

Information @ 13.03.20 09:15

The local Chief Medical urges people without residency in Trysil NOT to travel to Trysil. Stay in your permanent place of residency.

We will return with more information about tourists that is already staying in Trysil.

Information @ 12.03.20 15:55

According to guidelines from national authorities the municipality of Trysil has adopted a number of measures to minimize the spread of the corona virus. This affects the ski area, so all ski lifts which will be closed from Friday 13th of March, until further notice. Cross country tracks will still be groomed.

“The decision has been made to limit the number of people in Trysil, and the burden on the health care system”, says Linda Morell, head of PR at Skistar.


Information @ 12.03.20 14:00

Big outdoors concerts, like Seterrock at Knettsetra during Easter, and the concerts during Trysilsmellen are cancelled.

We are in close dialogue with the all the local business about measures and routines regarding cleaning and infection control. Restaurants will have reduced capacity to ensure we keep distance between guests. All food will be served by personnel, buffet and other self-service is not permitted, in accordance with guidelines from the local Chief Medical. This may affect serving time and we kindly ask for your patience.

The ski bus will also have reduced capacity to ensure that we keep distance between guests.

We ask for your understanding that our service is adopted to the situation, and that we do everything we can to ensure our guests still have a safe and pleasant stay.

We sincerely ask that nobody in corona quarantine comes to Trysil to ski, or visit the ski resort. The quarantine should be carried out in your place of residence in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

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